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School-Age Swimming

At the Aquatic Academy, students aged 5yrs to 12yrs will be enrolled into one of four levels. To determine the correct level for your student, we recommend looking over the assessable criteria for each level.

The criteria for each level can be found here:
Aquatic Academy Swimming Program:

The Aquatic Academy School-age Swimming program is based on the milestones set out in the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework. The Framework states that by the end of Year 6 (12yrs of age) students should be able to complete the following:

  • Swim 50m continuously
  • Respond to an emergency
  • Float, scull and tread water for 2 minutes
  • Perform a survival sequence in light clothing

For more information on the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework, please follow this link: National Swimming and Water Safety Framework | Royal Life Saving Society – Australia Students progress through our levels after passing the assessable criteria mapped to each of the milestones below.


(Beginners/Non-swimmers aged 5yrs – 12yrs)

  • Independent submersion 10 seconds
  • Push and Glide 5m
  • Push and Glide. Stationary Back Float 10seconds


  • Push, Glide, Kick 8m+
  • Push, Glide, Kick with a pop-up breath holding a kick board 8m+
  • Back Kicking 8m+
  • Dolphin


  • Freestyle 8m+
  • Backstroke 8m+
  • 5-point float
  • Dolphin Kick 8m+


  • Freestyle with Side breathing (2 laps)
  • Backstroke (2 laps)
  • Breaststroke Kick 8m+
  • Dolphin Kick in streamline
School Age Swimming Program at the Aquatic Academy

What to expect:

  • 30-minute swimming and water safely session.
  • 1 teacher to a 4 or 5 students.
  • Skill assessment and milestone achievements.
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