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Infant Swimming

At the Aquatic Academy, Infants can start swimming lessons from as early as 6 months of age. At the Aquatic Academy, there are two age-based infant levels


(6mths to 18mths – or when your baby starts to walk independently)


(18mths to 3 years – or when your preschool child is independent enough to take directions off a teacher)

Seahorse Infant Swimming Program Aquatic academy
Starfish Infant Swimming Program Aquatic academy

What to expect:

  • 30-minute individualised water familiarisation session.
  • Learn how to condition your baby to go under the water safely.
  • Basic water safety skills such as fall in simulations and gripping the edge.
  • Buoyancy and floatation.

Lessons have a maximum of 9 infants with parents in one class. The teacher is specifically trained in teaching infant learn to swim and holds an extension qualification to help you enjoy the formative swimming lessons with your baby.

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