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Swim School Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Payments must be made via Automatic (Direct Debit) Payment.

Debits can be made via credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard. We are also able to debit from a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union Account. A Direct Debit Authorisation must be completed prior to the commencement of the class.

Automatic (Direct Debit) Payments

Automatic (Direct Debit) Payments are ongoing and charged four-weekly on a Monday or next business day. It is the responsibility of the member to have sufficient funds available in their nominated account or credit card. The member must ensure that the nominated account/credit card is able to accept direct debit payments and if these details change, it is the responsibility of the member to notify the Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy to update account details.

Payments are due regardless of lesson attendance. Outstanding fees will result in the member being denied entry to their lesson until payment has been made. Attempted contact will be made via the contact details the member has provided at time of sign up. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure we have the correct details on file.


Cancellation of classes and automatic (direct debit) payment will require the member to complete and submit a Cancellation Form online or at the Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy prior to the next payment is due. It is the responsibility of the member to cancel their membership. Non-attendance does not warrant a refund or cancellation.

Refund Policy

Refunds or Credits may be given in circumstances requiring an absence from learn to swim for four consecutive weeks or more e.g. major incident, hospitalization, broken limbs, medical condition precluding participation, moving house or relocation. All refund or credit applications must be received prior to the completion of the enrolled term and sent in writing to

Credits will not be granted for any other reason including absences due to holidays, religious reasons, general illness, or for absences for less than three weeks (Make-up lessons are offered as an alternative subject to our Make Up Policy).

Make Up Policy

Make up lessons are only available for missed classes. The Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy must be advised that a child/swimmer will be away prior to their lesson time. This can be done via our website at

A total of one (1) make up lesson is available per student, per four (4) weekly payment cycle. Make ups must be used within four (4) weeks of the date of the missed class.

Make ups can be booked in advance at any time. Once a make up lesson has been booked, it cannot be changed. Make ups are available for current RLSAA members holding a paid position in our program.


All patrons must shower prior to entering the pool. This enables us to maintain excellent water quality for all patrons to enjoy. Showers are located on pool deck of both pools and also in the change room facilities.

Duty of Care

The Swimming Instructor’s “Duty of Care” begins when your child is placed in their lesson and ceases at the end of their lesson. Children must not be left without supervision at any time during your visit to the Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy. Children and all other patrons are not permitted to enter the pools unless they are participating in a swimming lesson. You must ensure that you collect your child from their lesson on time. Whilst we know that children are exuberant and often very excited about their swimming lessons, we ask that they stay within arms’ reach whilst moving around the Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy and that you do not allow them to run during your visit.

In the Event of an Emergency

If the facility was to be subject to an emergency evacuation, please do not panic and follow the directions of staff. It is important that when moving through the facility during an emergency that you do not run. Please listen to the instruction that is offered by the trained staff and follow it. Your child will remain in the care of their Instructor whilst moving to the assembly area. We ask that you meet their class at the assembly area. Please do not take your child without the permission of staff until all participants have been accounted for.


From time to time we may wish to take photos of children during their lessons for promotional purposes. Prior to any photography occurring, your authorisation will be sort. Please advise the Swim School Coordinator or Facility Manager if you do not wish for your child to be photographed. If you wish to take photos of your child’s class, please seek permission of the Swim School Coordinator or Swim School Supervisor before doing so.

Visitors to the Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy

We welcome visitors to the Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy during your swimmers lesson time, but we ask you and your visitor’s follow the instruction of the staff and Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy rules at all times.

Smoking and Alcohol

Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy is a smoking and alcohol free area. Please refrain from these activities within the boundaries of the Royal Life Saving Aquatic Academy.

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