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Seven Hills – Make up Lessons

Seven Hills - Missed Classes

As of Wednesday 28 June 2023, the following terms and conditions apply when accessing make up lessons at the Aquatic Academy:

Make up classes: (Adjusted policy as of 28 June 2023)

  • One (1) make up class token will be available per customer per month.
  • In order to receive a make-up class token, customers must notify absence at least 60 minutes prior to the start of their normal scheduled class.
  • Notice must be provided via the customer portal on a mobile device. We do not accept notifications of absence via phone, email or in person at the counter.
  • If notification of absence is not received 60 minutes before the class, the lesson is forfeited. No make up class token will be provided in arrears of a missed class.
  • Make up tokens can be booked on a self-serve basis via the customer portal or app. We do not accept bookings for make-up classes via phone or email.
  • Make up classes can be booked a maximum of seven (7) days in advance and are strictly subject to availability.
  • Make up classes expire thirty (30) days after the missed lesson.
  • Make up classes cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.
  • Make up tokens are only available to current paying customers. Unused make up classes are forfeited upon cancellation of the swimming membership.
  • Once a notification of absence has been provided, it cannot be changed.
  • Once a make-up token has been used, it cannot be changed.

We understand that unforeseen situations occur where make up lessons maybe required. We offer this service to ensure consistent swimming is maintained. However, make-up lessons should be used as a last resort and encourage students to attend their regular scheduled lesson to assist in efficient skill acquisition. At the Aquatic Academy, we maintain teacher consistency levels at 90% or more and therefore recommend that students do the same.

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