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Preschool Swimming

At the Aquatic Academy, we encourage preschool students to participate in lessons independently (without a parent in the water) from around the age of 3yrs. This is dependent on previous swimming experience, social and emotional development, and the student’s ability to listen and take direction from a teacher.

Preschool swimming lessons begin by introducing foundation swimming and water safety skills.
These skills include:

  • Breath control and water conditioning (learning how to go under the water)
  • Body position and moving through the water
  • Basic propulsion and swimming strokes
  • Water Safety techniques and emergency situations

The Royal Life Saving preschool program is comprised of four levels:


(Beginners / Non-swimmers aged 3 – 5yrs)

  • Independent submersion 5 seconds
  • Push and Glide 3m
  • Push and Glide into a Stationary Back Float 5 seconds


  • Push, Glide, Kick 6m
  • Push, Glide, Kick with pop-up breath holding a kick board 6m
  • Back Kicking 6m
  • Independent fall in entry


  • Paddle and Kick 8m+
  • Backstroke 6m
  • 5-point Float
  • Dolphin Kick 6m


  • Freestyle 8m+
  • Backstroke 8m+
  • Breaststroke Kick 8m+
  • Dolphin Kick in streamline with scull to breathe 6m+

What to expect:

  • 30-minute individualised water familiarisation session.
  • 1 teacher to a maximum of 3 students (Turtle level only)
  • 1 teacher to a maximum of 4 students for all other ability-based levels
Preschool Swimming Program Aquatic academy
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